Choosing the correct pet products for a senior adult dog

If you are an owner of a senior dog, usually classed as six years old or over, there is a need to change to accommodate his needs for the rest of his life.

Pet products are changing all the time and there are different dog collars, dog leads and dog bowls available to help your dog stay comfortable in this stage of their life.

One of the main areas of change to look at is your dog’s food and biscuits. There are a wide variety of pet foods which have more vitamins added to the ingredients to keep your dogs liver healthy.

Tins of dog food and dog biscuits which show they are suitable for senior dogs have more ingredients in them and are aimed at keeping your dog’s digestive system in good order.

Adding a small portion of chicken to your dog’s biscuits is another way you can provide essential protein required to keep your pet healthy.

One pet product available to help with dogs who suffer from digestive disorders is a raised up dog bowl. These dog bowls allow a dog to feed at head height, which helps if he or she is perhaps suffering from a few aches or pains.

Also, check out the wide range of dog collars that are less restricting around the throat area when your pet is eating his meals.

There are plenty of products to help make your dog as comfortable as possible in his senior years; speak to your vet for a few more ideas to suit your dog.


  • Great article. In addition to the products you mentioned there are also fantastic products to help with mobility such as dog wheelchairs, dog strollers, dog ramps, dog steps even special harnesses that allow you to ease your dog into cars, up stairs etc. For older dogs facing issues of incontinence there are some amazing dog diapers and dog pads on the market. Overall, senior dog owners have a lot of choice in caring for their older dog and so many of these options can truly improve the quality of life for their four-legged family member.

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