Choosing the right dog collar for a large dog

Leather Dog CollarIf your favourite breed of dog is in the larger group of dogs, even when he is at the puppy stage of life you may find it difficult to choose the correct sized dog collar. A puppy grows very quickly, more so with a larger dog. When at the puppy stage, a dog collar does not have to be expensive but as he grows and as his neck reaches its full width, a comfortable quality collar is essential.

However, there is no need to splash out and purchase an expensive leather collar, unless that is your preference, as a simple nylon puppy collar will suffice to begin with. Make sure the fit is correct, do not choose a heavy collar that will weigh heavy on a puppy’s neck, at the same time check the buckle fits well and does not hamper his movements.

You should be able to fit two of your fingers underneath the dog collar. Some collars may be too long, so trim the excess amount as it will not serve any purpose.

If ordering a puppy or dog collar online, it is worthwhile adding two or three inches to allow easy fitting. Leaving a trail on the dog collar will cause problems as it can get caught up in his dog cage.

Make sure you check the space under your pet’s dog collar at least once a week; you will be amazed at how quickly he has grown. A large breed of dog looks wonderful in a leather dog collar, however there are other good collars that are well made and will fit.

Some manufacturers even offer to engrave a dog’s name on their collars to make them more personal. Remember that with a larger breed of dog you will also require a strong matching dog lead or a harness for his daily walks.