Christmas is for dogs, not just for humans

To make sure that your dog enjoys the festive period as much as you do here are a few tips, after all Christmas can be stressful enough without having a miserable dog to worry about.

Dogs and parties

Most dogs enjoy social gatherings and will not get stressed if noise levels are above average for a short while. If your home is going to be noisy for a long period, it is best to remove your dog from the immediate vicinity to an area where he can relax. Keep him or her provided with food and water and check on them at regular intervals.

Party food and dogs don’t mix

Don’t give in to the temptation to feed the odd titbit to your dog. Most traditional Christmas fare is full of sugar, fat and alcohol, none of which is good for your dog. Weight problems start on dogs just as easily as they can on humans and it would be a shame to start the New Year with a visit to the vets for dietary advice.

Christmas presents for dogs

There is a huge variety of Christmas gifts suitable for dogs of all sizes and to suit most budgets. It is easy to keep your dog happy with a wide range of pet toys, edible treats, or a new coat. It is worth visiting your local pet shop to see their selection; children especially will enjoy shopping for the family pet.

The best healthy and low cost Christmas treat you could give your dog is some extra long walks. He or she won’t mind if you find a dog friendly pub on the way!