Christmas shopping for your dog

santa dog christmas outfitChristmas is almost upon us, it’s the last mad hectic Saturday to do your shopping and many will be running round to purchase last minute gifts. For those with a busy family it can be easy to forget to buy a present for the dog – and as he’s man’s best friend and been faithful all year, surely he deserves a great Christmas treat? If you’ve forgotten, shame on you – but here are a few tips for what your dog will love for Christmas:

  • The Dog Christmas stocking: the pet shops have been full of them for weeks.  They cost only a couple of pounds and contain a mixture of doggie titbits, chews and usually a plastic toy.  They can be great value for money and if you have children they’ll love to open the dog’s Christmas stocking with him and treat him throughout the day.  However, if your dog doesn’t like plastic toys then you might find these rather expensive for just the treats and chew
  • A new toy: what dog doesn’t love a new toy at Christmas?  The added bonus of getting him or her a new toy is it will keep them occupied whilst the rest of the family are busy with their own gifts, eating Christmas lunch and watching films on the television.  Before you shop though, remember many dog toys have a squeak so that film might get interrupted..
  • A new dog collar or coat: check if your dog’s collar is looking a little faded or worn.  That dog collar isn’t just for show – the tag on that collar might mean your dog comes home sooner if he gets lost so this isn’t just a Christmas gift for the dog.  A new dog coat will keep him warm on those Christmas walks so perhaps a new dog coat will go nicely?
  • Unusual dog gifts: when you take some time to explore the pet shops you can find some really unusual Christmas gifts for dogs.  How about some dog beer, a Christmas pudding especially for the dog, doggie mince pies or some Turkey and stuffing flavoured biscuits?  There is a whole host of Christmas gifts ideal for your dog – just remember not to feed your dog any human food like chocolate on Christmas Day, as it’s not only bad for them but some of it – like chocolate – is toxic.  You could also buy him a Santa Paws outfit..
  • A new dog bed: the ultimate in the dog Christmas present, a new dog bed.  Slightly more expensive, but he’s worth it.