Churchview Vet, Heswall slices dog and charges owner

BusterA trainee vet at Churchview Veterinary Centre in Heswall on the Wirral cut a dog with a knife when she should have been removing his stitches, and then the vet centre charged the owner for the treatment.

A retired fitter, Mr Evans, of Heswall on the Wirral was playing with his Jack Russell terrier Buster in July when the dog ran into the corner of the house cutting his side in the process.  Mr Evans rushed the dog to his local vet at Churchview vet centre in Heswall where he received stitches under a general anaesthetic.

Ten sorrowful days later for little Buster and it was another trip back to the vets to have the stitches removed.

A trainee vet, under the supervision of a fully qualified vet at the centre, took a surgical knife to remove the first stitch and instead managed to inflict another cut over an inch long next to the almost healed wound.  The supervising vet took over to help calm the Jack Russell.

Now accidents do happen and trainees of any trade must learn sometime but many dog owners would have been highly upset and angry at this.  Mr Evans was very understanding, but like every other dog owner expected an apology, yet was shocked to not only not have an apology, but to be told ‘accidents do happen and I did take over and treat your dog’ by the qualified vet, accompanied by a bill for £37.50 for the consultation and cream to treat the new wound!

This is outrageous behaviour from any vet yet alone one who is meant to be training up and coming vets to treat future generations of our dogs.

68 year old pensioner Mr Evans said:

“I think I was in shock when she charged me and I didn’t want to cause a fuss; I just wanted to get Buster home.  I won’t be going there again.”

For anyone considering going to Churchview Vet Centre, Heswall, it is certainly worth steering clear of any trainee vets there and possibly worth avoiding the vets themselves if this is their idea of customer service.


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