Claudia Schiffer dogs were out of control

claudia-schifferClaudia Schiffer is not unused to exposure in the media, but even her dogs have received some unwanted publicity.

The 38 year old supermodel lives in a 16th century mansion in 40 acres of grounds with husband and film producer Matthew Vaughn, and owns a German Shepherd and an Irish Wolfhound.  Locals have complained in the past to police that Schiffer’s dogs intimidate walkers near their country home, and in 2006 a police spokeswoman told the media:

“A public footpath runs alongside the grounds, where locals walk dogs. We first received a complaint in December that one of the dogs had bitten another dog.  More recently, a local parish council has received a number of complaints to say that dogs are still `running wild.'”

Following a Freedom of Information Act request to Suffolk police requesting details of any gifts to the police force in the last four years, it has now emerged that shortly after the problem came to a head in 2006 and Schiffer was warned she could  be prosecuted because of her out-of-control dogs, the supermodel sent six bottles of champagne to her local police.  Shortly after, a police spokesperson stated that Schiffer’s dogs were to be retrained.

The police said that all the bubbly was presented to charity.