Cleaning your dog’s teeth is important for quality dog healthcare

Dogs know if you are nervous when you attempt to clean their teeth, and both of you spending some time together without too much fuss is an important part of this role play.

Cleaning your dog’s teeth can seem futile at first and you might have to turn it into a playful game to get your dog to take part. If you feel that your dog is too nervous or you want to ask for guidance then visit your local vet for help.

The method of cleaning your dog’s teeth is similar to an adult or child.

Just wash your hands, smear on a little toothpaste, preferably on a doggie toothbrush or your index finger, and allow your dog to lick it off. In the next couple of days try again and then move in gently, slowly place the tip of the doggie toothbrush or finger jut under the lip of his mouth and take it away.

Leave for a few minutes and start again.

Next day, start again and allow some of the tooth paste to linger. Move away and give your dog plenty of praise. This new game will become interesting to your dog and eventually you will be able to move the brush slowly up and down.

Many dog owners do not realise that dental chews are not enough to stop plaque altogether and in due course it could be one of the reasons a dogs starts to suffer from bad indigestion.