There are many products out on the marketplace aimed at helping dog owners to achieve a required understanding between them and their dog.

One of the most popular training products is the ‘clicker’. This was taken from trainers of Dolphins. A Clicker will let a dog know what is expected from them at the exact moment in time. However it can only be used when a training routine has been understood by the dog, and is completed successfully.

The sounds that a clicker omits are faster than a verbal command, to a dog is it is a positive affirmation that he is receiving his owner’s praise. On first inspection the clicker looks a though it has come out of a Christmas cracker, when pressed it just makes a loud ‘click’.

When you first purchase a clicker try it out away from your pet, then take your time to use the clicking sound near your dog until you feel he recognises the sound. Don’t use it too close to his ears though!

Start small, use the command of ‘sit’ and experiment, give a reward and praise him. This method will at first intrigue him but he will feel encouraged to follow other training techniques too.

When using a clicker for the first time, do it in small steps and click after each correct action. Immediately carry on and, when the full routine is correct, click, treat and praise.

Listed below area few ideas of how to use a clicker correctly:

  • Remember not to ‘click’ after the event, over clicking will confuse your dog
  • If he is unsure, give him a treat and start again, only use your clicker lightly to avoid your dog being distracted
  • Do not ‘pet’ your dog during his training exercise and do not tell him off when he gets it wrong, he will be trying to please you
  • Last but not least, if your dog (especially a puppy) appears to be tiring, give him plenty of praise and try again another day