Clicker training for dogs

One of the most popular modern dog training techniques is clicker training. This method involves using a small clicking device which the dog, or puppy, recognises as a sign of incentive or as a job well done. Usually when a clicking sound is made by the trainer or dog breeder, it is accompanied by a small edible snack or treat for the puppy. This is known as reinforcement training.

Clicker training for dogs or puppies is best undertaken in a quiet area where there are few people or other distractions. It is generally best to start with easy, basic commands such as ‘stay’ or ‘recall back’. Once a dog or puppy has understood and obeyed these commands (often after repeating them several times), the clicker device is activated, making the snapping sound and a small treat is given to the animal. In this way, the dog or puppy will learn to recognise that when it obeys a command, the clicker sound will be made and this will be followed by a reward.

clicker training puppies

When undertaking this type of dog or puppy training, it is essential that consistency and good timing are established. It can often be tricky to time exactly when the clicking device should be activated but this should be mastered in order to prevent confusion for the dog. Treats should always be given otherwise the success of the clicker will be diminished and the puppy will fail to associate the noise with a treat.


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