Clicker training for dogs

Training your puppy or an adult dog is made easy with the use of a ‘clicker’. Clicker training was first used as a method for communicating with dolphins and whales; today is has been adapted and proven as positive training tool for dogs and puppies.

A puppy or adult dog will relish the fact that you are establishing a training routine that allows them to please you and get a reward at the same time. They will soon learn what your basic commands are and what you expect from them.

Some of the simple basic commands your dog needs to learn are: come, sit, walk to heel and stay. Always use one word commands as your dog will not understand a sentence.

Clicker training is associated with an action of praise, and a treat for good behaviour, and there is no need for any punishment.
Puppy training is made easier with a little patience from the dog owner.

  • Find a place where your puppy or dog will not be distracted.
  • Say your dog’s name and when they look at you, click and reward them with a ‘small’ treat. Count this as their first success.

This routine can be used for the other basic commands, however your puppy may become tired so give them praise and allow them to rest.


When you resume your dog training, refresh your first command. Each command should be tried out for five minutes. Leave it and then come back to it again, if possible. Remember that your puppy or dog looks at training as a game, so practicing in a garden or the house is playtime for them.

A puppy or dog will respond quickly to affection, enabling both of you to form an ever lasting bond.

Please note that both puppies and dogs have sensitive ears, so d not use the clicker too close.