Cloned dog used for stud

Snuppy was the world’s first cloned dog, and he’s now fathered puppies, making him the first cloned stud dog. Snuppy is an Afghan hound who was cloned in South Korea. He’s been bred with two bitches, which were also cloned, using artificial insemination.

A research team from Seoul National University released a statement about the cloned stud dog and the puppies through Lee Byung-Chun:

This is the first time in the world that puppies have been born from cloned parents.

Out of the ten puppies that were born, only one died. The other nine are fit and healthy.

This shows the reproductive ability of a cloned dog.

The team has also produced the word’s first cloned wolves, and they intend to breed them as well. When asked about the practical use of breeding cloned dogs, Lee said that the cloned dog breeding:

Opens the way for cloning sniffer dogs and seeing-eye guide dogs, which usually have to be sterilised for training and lose the ability to reproduce.