Collar saves dog from cliff fall

mac-golden-retriev_1451716cEvery responsible dog owner knows that your dog should wear a collar at all times. If your dog wanders off and gets lost, the information on their collar will be used to trace the owner (you) and return your dog to you. It also helps to show that your dog is owned by someone and isn’t a stray.

Oh yes, and the collar can save your dog from falling 70ft off a cliff.

That’s just what happened to a golden retriever who was chasing a rabbit by a cliff’s edge on the Isle of Wight. The golden retriever is called Mac and he chased the rabbit off the cliff, and rather than fall to his death was saved when his collar became snagged on the rocks.

Mac still suffered serious injury, breaking tow of his legs and suffering a collapsed lung, but he survived and is now walking again, albeit with the aid of splints.

Mac was with his owner Margaret Sills when he bolted after a rabbit, heading straight over the cliff top.

His owner explains:

It saved his life. If he hadn’t been wearing one he would have just free-fallen all the way and there’s no way he could have survived.

After being taken to the animal hospital, Mac was operated on and given pins in his legs.

He’ll be in the plaster casts for six months so he can lead a true dog’s life until then.

He can’t really move so I’ve been helping him get outside on special ramps I made for him. He can barely support his own weight so I even have to support him when he goes to the toilet. He’s really embarrassed I’m sure.

Mrs Sills also has problems walking, just like Mac, after being the victim of four strokes. She is delighted that her dog survived, call because of his dog collar:

He’s my only companion at home and he’s my best friend. He makes a lot of things possible for me. If I can’t get out of my chair he comes over and supports me. He even picks up my mobile phone when I can’t reach it and I haven’t even trained him to do it.

Now it’s my turn to go around picking things up for him, but I don’t mind at all. I’m just so happy he’s still here.

This just goes to show how important it is that your dog wears a collar at all times. You never know when it will save their life.


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