Common dog ailments and diseases: the abscess

As a pet owner you always hope to keep your dog in the best of health all through their life. However there are some common ailments which can cause your pet dog unnecessary suffering, such as an abscess:

An abscess is usually noticeable by a large red swelling with pus showing under the skin. These are painful pouches which can occur anywhere.

The swelling continues to grow until the skin is stretched to the limit and it bursts with a discharge of blood and pus.

Watch out for your dog losing his appetite and resenting you handling him. The main cause of this ailment is usually a fox or a rat bite. Long grass caught up in your pet’s paws can also cause this painful condition.

An abscess of the tooth will be noticeable as your dogs jaw will swell up. Take your pet to your veterinary surgeon at once.

Another treatment for an abscess is to constantly bathe the area in warm water with a saline solution. Do this healing treatment until the abscess bursts.