Conker reunites stolen dog with owners

A stolen dog is safely back with its family after nearly a year and a half – thanks to a close encounter with a conker.

Molly, a King Charles Spaniel, was taken by thieves in a car park. Seventeen months on, any hopes her owners Tom and Andrea Richards had of seeing her again had all but vanished.

However, following a trip to a veterinarian after swallowing a conker, Molly’s family were notified of her whereabouts.

After being snatched from near her home in Wales, Molly was sold on to an unsuspecting family in South Yorkshire, 300 miles away. After eating a conker during a walk, her new owners rushed her to a vet, where a quick scan of her microchip revealed that she was on a database of stolen pets.

Mr and Mrs Richards received a call the next day to inform them of the good news. Andrea, 54, told The Express:

“We had offered a £1,000 reward, started a Facebook group and put out appeals on the local radio.”

“But as each day went past we thought the chances of finding her grew slimmer.”

Luckily for the Richards’, they had the foresight to have Molly chipped. However, any jubilation they were experiencing was tempered by sympathy for the un-named family who had bought Molly from the thieves. Mr Richards commented:

“The family who had her were really upset, the children and grandchildren were crying.”

“They bought Molly in good faith but they are now going through what we went through last year.”

“She’s an absolutely beautiful dog and we’re very grateful to have her back.”