Considerations before buying a dog

Buying a dog is a big decision and should not be taken lightly. As much pleasure as owning a pet can be, the responsibility of owning a dog is huge, and the decision should be considered from many angles before taking the plunge. Whilst choosing a dog can be an emotional decision, there are financial and practical concerns that you should address.

Cost is a major consideration. Not only the initial outlay of buying a dog (as a rescue animal may not cost you anything) but there are vet’s bills to consider should your dog require emergency assistance. Food, pet insurance and additional expenses such as grooming, kennels if you have to go away or help with dog walking if you are working long hours all day should also be weighed up.

How much free time you have should also be at the top of your list of considerations. Depending on the breed of dog, they require varying degrees of exercise. If you lead a very busy life and cannot spare an hour or two every single day, then it would be unfair to get a dog with high energy levels requiring regular and extensive outdoor exercise. As it is, exercise is vital to the wellbeing of your dog, and helps forge a bond between you.

The make-up of your family life should be a consideration when choosing a breed of dog. Some dogs are more easy-going than others, some breeds can be stubborn, some want to be more involved in your family life and want more attention. If you have young children, choose your breed wisely especially if you are thinking of taking a rescue dog. Be sure to know its history before introducing such a dog to a young family.