Corgi dogs escape decline in popularity following Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

The Corgi breed has always been closely related to the Royal Family, with the year 1933 first seeing this type of canine being introduced into royalty by King George VI. However, recent years have seen a major decrease in the number of pet owners opting for a Corgi as a companion. Based on what the Kennel Club has said, a “worrying decline” has been noticeable for quite some time. Nonetheless, since the Diamond Jubilee year began, statistics have displayed an exceptional increase in dog lovers seeking out their very own Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

This news comes as quite a relief to dog kennel owners and canine enthusiasts, due to the fact that along with 29 other breeds, the Corgi was predicted to disappear in as little as a few years. Reasons for this are based on details showing that as little as 300 Corgi puppies are registered in the UK every year. The Corgi is famously known as being the Queen’s favourite breed of dog, with her currently being the owner of five Corgis.

Numerous royal portraits include Corgis and the 2012 Diamond Jubilee is helping the breed to quickly become an icon, both in royalty and with members of the public. More than 5,783 people have used the Find a Puppy website show from the beginning of the year to learn more about the breed and how to own one. Since this time, a 10% increase has been noticeable with the registering of Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies from the Kennel Club, proving that the Queen is making a difference in more ways than one.