Couple fight to raise funds to save paralysed dog

A couple are facing massive vet’s fees in order to save their dog, which had plunged over a cliff. Roxanne Peggie, 23, and Barry Blyther, 43, had taken their German pointer Rover to Northern Ireland. On parking their car at Limavady, a cliff whose name means ‘dog’s leap’ in Gaelic, Rover broke free and jumped over a wall at the cliff’s edge.

Ms Peggie found Rover clinging precariously to a ledge but, before she could rescue him, the unfortunate pooch plunged 400ft. She said:

“We thought that the dog was a goner. I will never forget the sight of him falling. I would never have thought he would have survived such a fall.”

The couple spotted that Rover was still moving, and went to his aid. She stated:

“When we looked down, we saw him moving really slowly. I was absolutely amazed that he was alive. He was dragging his legs behind him.”

paralysed dogRover was taken to a veterinarian near Limavady, who assessed that, although his internal organs and bones were intact, the dog had injured two vertebrae which could only be treated by specialists in Glasgow.

The couple are now attempting to raise the £8,000 needed to save Rover’s legs with a procedure that will include an MRI scan.

Mr Blyther commented:

“I’m so ashamed that we’re in a position where our dog’s life depends on us being able to come up with a large sum of money.”

“Even if we sold our car, we would only raise about half what we need.”

Had the couple taken out comprehensive dog insurance, Rover’s injuries may well have been covered.


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