Court settlement awards stud dog’s sperm to breeder

A dog breeder from Queensland, Australia took action to win back her stud dog and his frozen sperm.

The dog breeder, Leigh Robertson from Narangba, near Brisbane, claimed against Reg Worth, a kennel manager for the Queensland Police Dog Squad (QPS), when he sold police dog Ike to the police service without getting her permission first.

Ms Robertson stated:

“Ike was not his to sell.”

Mr Worth and Ms Robertson had a verbal agreement that Mr Worth would train Ike but Ms Robertson would continue to have access to Ike for breeding purposes.  Instead, Mr Worth sold Ike to the QPS for an estimated $7000.

According to Ms Robertson, she lost the potential to earn a substantial amount of money from Ike in his work as a stud dog.

Ike has a superior bloodline and the QPS were able to benefit from this.  Indeed, over 24 of Ike’s puppies were trained as police dogs all over Australia.

Earlier this month, the case was settled as Mr Worth was ordered to pay back the estimated $7000 to Ms Robertson and to give her the left over frozen sperm from Ike.

In a statement to a local newspaper, breeder Ms Robertson said she was both pleased and relieved it was all over and that some of stud dog Ike’s sperm had been recovered.