Crime-fighting dogs star in Liverpool charity calendar

Crime-fighting dogs from the police force’s dog section star in a new calendar for charity as the cutest police constables on the best in Merseyside.

The police force’s dogs tackle drugs, gun crime and track offenders, but they had a job of a different kind to do when starring in the 2010 Merseyside Police charity calendar.

The calendar is on sale for just £5 and all the proceeds are to go to the Guide Dogs for the Blind Assocation.

PC Arthur Rowlands, aged 86 and now retired, helped with the calendar launch with Carl, his own guide dog.  PC Rowlands was working for the police in August 1961 when he was shot in the face by a suspect in a burglary investigation.  In hospital, the surgeon told him:

“You are lucky to be alive. I am afraid the man who shot you is the last person you will ever see.”

Just a few days later, three fellow police officers caught the suspect and all four of the officers were presented with the George medal for gallantry.

Former home secretary David Blunkett has given it his own backing and commented:

“My congratulations to Merseyside Police for this tremendous initiative with the Guide Dogs For The Blind Association.  Not only is this an extremely worthwhile cause, as I know from my own experience as a guide dog owner, but an imaginative way of linking the importance of working dogs across the police service and those guiding rather than guarding.”

You can order a copy of the police dogs 2010 Merseyside Police charity calendar by emailing and copies can also be purchased at Wallasey Police Station on the Wirral, Liverpool’s St Anne Street police station or the Canning Place HQ reception and support the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.


  • I’ve read with interest the article about the police dogs, and especially about Arthur Rowlands’s experience he is a cousin to my wife. Can you tell me where we might be able to get copies of this calendar.
    Thank you in anticipation,

  • we got the 2010 calendar. do you know if they have done a calendar for 2011(police dogs)if so can we or ware can we order six copys. hope you can help. thank you


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