Cystitis can be a ‘bitch’ of a problem to a puppy

When you own a bitch, it is possible that even at puppy stage they can start with symptoms that result in an infection in the urinary tract.

It is important that you take your puppy to your local vet for his diagnosis and effective treatment.

There are conflicting issues with medical practitioners whether the bladder stones come first or the infection, but either way it is uncomfortable for your dog.

To try to avoid the appearance of cystitis you can take precautions such as making sure there is fresh water and letting your dog out to wee regularly.

Dry biscuits at mealtimes or as a treat should contain no added preservatives.

Exercise your puppy daily and keep her nice and clean to avoid infection.

Any medication your veterinary surgeon prescribes for your puppy must be used up to avoid the reappearance of the infection.  Treatment for cystitis is not usually covered by dog insurance.

There is a selection of herbal remedies including Uvs Urs and Barberry in the market place which are recommended to ease infection. Herbal remedies are a natural medicine and can be taken with prescribed medication.

Caution: always keep your vet informed of any natural medicine you give to your dog.