Dachshund found alive one month on from blaze

Lola the long haired dachshund was missing presumed dead after a fire at her owner’s house in Boston, Massachusetts, in February.

The fierce blaze had completely gutted the home of Terisa Acevedo and, although there was no trace of her beloved pet in the aftermath, she never quite gave up hope.

A month on from the fire, 24-year-old Miss Acevedo was called to the house by her neighbour, as her car alarm had been triggered.

As she was disabling the alarm, she heard a scratching from behind the front door of her ravaged home.

After breaking down the door, she was staggered to find the plucky little pooch starving and dirty, but very much alive.

Lola was rushed to the emergency unit of the Angell Animal Medical Centre, which proclaimed her to be a very lucky dog. Dr Megan Whelan said:

“A lot of people were looking for her, her owner had been asking everyone around town, never gave up and really got rewarded for her effort.”

“She’s a young dog and she was probably eating something in there – probably nothing nutritious.”

“But there’s some mineral-like material on her x-rays. So she might have been getting into something in the house.”

It is thought that Lola managed to find some food and water on the property to sustain her through the sub-zero night-time temperatures that had hit the area. Vets are awaiting the results of x-rays on her lungs, but they expect Lola to be able to go to her new home within the next week.