Dachshund goes scuba diving

Many dog owners like to take their dogs with them wherever they go, such as for a drive in the car, a ride on the bike or even in a hot air balloon – but how many people would take their dogs scuba diving?

One chap would – Sergey Gorbunov, a professional scuba diver from Russia. Sergey’s Dachshund, named Boniface, goes scuba diving with his owner and even has his own specially made ‘doggie dry suit’ and full helmet to wear while he’s under the water. Sergey insists that his dog really enjoys going scuba diving with him, and prefers it to watching while his owner goes it alone.

Sergey admitted that Boniface was nervous the first time he tried scuba diving, and didn’t seem to like his dog dry suit or his helmet. However, as the dog began to descend into the pool where he practiced, he began to enjoy it. Now Boniface goes scuba diving regularly in the sea with his owner, as ITN News reports here.



  • i think its absolutely criminal. where is the rspca. That poor dog must be scared out of his wit’s. how could this man do this to his pet and so called best friend, how does he know how high pressure might effect his ears. absolutely disgusting. and i so don’t think it should of been televised, you’ll get kids accidentally drowning their pets believing they can submerge them. how horrifying.

  • I think you might be right Casey – the fact that the dog tried to remove his helmet when he was first submerged tells you that he’s not enjoying it – but then why would he? Dogs aren’t meant to swim under the water, he probably has no idea what is going on and the noise alone must be terrifying for his sensitive ears.

  • Oh I would so do this. If you think this dog is scared, you’re nuts. Most dogs LOVE the water and seeing/watching other wild life, be it a bird, deer or a fish.

    The dog at first would be scared because it’s brain is thinking “no, I’ll drown”. But that would last only a few seconds. No worse than a person doing the same thing.

    Dogs do have a brain larger than a grain of sand ya know.

    I saw a video of a mouse immersed in some sort of flurocarbon fluid, it actually was developed to replace the air you breath. It’s like water, a little thicker, and a little pinker. But you can actually “breath” it with no ill effects. (Think of that movie “The Abyss” I think it is)

    Anyway, that mouse panicked at first, but only for a second or two. Then once it figured out it wasn’t going to die, you could tell it was actually enjoying swimming around in there.

    Unless a dog has some natural aversion to water, it would probably love this. Especially dogs with joint pain.

  • I can’t keep my dog out of the water, she takes one look and in she goes! I am not sure how she would handle being under the surface though.

    Even though this dog didn’t seem too happy about it I guess there could be an advantage to dogs with bad arthritis being in the water but it looks like there is some development needed first!

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