Dalmation or Dalmatian?

dalmatian-puppiesFor anyone who considers themselves a bit of a fan of quizzes or of dog breeds, they might have been interested to note the below question on the opening show of ITV’s new quiz show Divided, screened on Monday 18th May.  See what you think:

Which of the following dog breeds is spelt incorrectly?

A.    Chihuahua
B.    Dalmation
C.    Dachshund

For those as yet unfamiliar with the workings of this particular daytime television quiz, three strangers are brought together and as time ticks on during the 100 seconds given to answer the question, the money they could win dwindles away but they cannot submit an answer until they all agree.

They took 95 seconds debating between A and C, and finally agreed upon A – Chihuahua.  Dalmation was ruled out immediately – especially as one contestant’s grandfather had a Dalmation.

Needless to say, they got it wrong but what a difficult question.  In England and commonly all over the world, most people will spell Dalmation with an ‘o’ although strictly speaking, the spelling is with an ‘a’.  You’ll note when typing the incorrect spelling into Microsoft Word, the spellcheck does appear yet when typing it into Google the usual suggested misspelling does not.  The title of the film, though few would have noticed, is spelt 101 Dalmatians.

For those interested, the spelling is with an ‘a’ because the dog is believed to have originated from Dalmatia, a region of Croatia.

Would you argue it’s an unfair question when most of England, including many Dalmatian owners, would spell it as Dalmation?


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