Dangerous Dogs Act to be replaced

New legislation proposes to replace the Dangerous Dogs Act with a new Dog Control Bill that will emphasise the animal’s owner takes responsibility for their dog rather than simply penalising a dog for its breed.

According to Lord Redesdale, the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 was a reaction to high profile attacks and partly thanks to this, irresponsible dog owners now pick bull breeds as some sort of status symbol, breeding them to be tough and leading to animal welfare concerns.

Claire Robinson, the RSPCA’s Government Relations Manager, said:

“The RSPCA is delighted at the introduction of the Dog Control Bill by Lord Redesdale in the House of Lords. The Society has long stated that the Dangerous Dogs Act is flawed because it penalises dogs for their breed, rather than the deed of the owner.

“The Dog Control Bill instead places the emphasis on owners being responsible for their dogs – whatever the breed – in public and private places. For this reason the RSPCA has given its support to the principles of the Bill. The cross-party support the reading of the Bill received clearly shows there is widespread belief it is time the Government took another look at the current dog legislation and we believe the Dog Control Bill is a major step towards this.”

Personally, I welcome the news. Punishing a dog because of its breed is the canine equivalent of racism. Dog owners should take more responsibility and make every effort to train their dogs properly.


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  • The Dangerous dog act was a knee jerk reaction but we do not need pitbull or pitbull types in gt.britain. we do not need crossess of rotties, can corsa, dogue de bordeaux, crosses of akitas, wolf hybrids, northern inuits. why cross huskies, pugs ,cocker spaniels etc. It is either for power or money. The 182 breeds available in this country should be sufficient. But responsible dog ownership is the key, Jack russells and Lassie collies can and do kill people, but our society cannot even control its human offspring so what hope has it of controlling a canine animal.

  • My name is Elizabeth! I’m 41 yrs old! I live in the US & I have a pit bull! He is 2 years old and I have had him since he was 5 weeks old! He is the most loyal, loving, gentle dog I’ve ever had , and I’ve had quite a few! (I LOVE DOGS!) These dogs SHOULD NOT be penalized just because of their breed! IT IS the OWNERS of these kind of dogs who determine what kind of a dog they will be! NOT THE DOGS! IF they are given a fair shot with a “GOOD, DECENT” OWNER who TRULY LOVES THEM THEY ARE WONDERFUL LOYAL COMPANIONS! JUST LIKE ANY OTHER DOG! STOP GIVING PIT BULLS A HARD TIME AND START MAKING THEIR OWNERS RESPONSIBLE! SOMEONE SOMEWHERE “TAUGHT THEM” THAT BAD BEHAVIOR! THEY DON’T JUST PICK UP THOSE TRAITS ON THEIR OWN!

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