Dangers of fetching sticks

golden-labradorPlaying fetch with your dog is a great activity.  It keeps them active and healthy, encourages fun interaction between dog and owner and playing fetch with a stick whilst out walking is a common activity that can be seen on any walk in the park.

However, as pointed out in an article in the Telegraph today, there are dangers throwing sticks for dogs.  The article tells the story of a five year old Labrador, pictured here, who got away with a minor injury playing fetch with a stick but the story is important for owners to note.

If you do throw a stick for your dog, make sure there are no sharp points at either end or twigs sticking out from the side, although even these measures may not stop accidents.

Instead, teach your dog to play fetch with a ball or a Frisbee instead as it’s just as much fun and much, much safer.  As always, keep your vet’s telephone number on your mobile in case of an incident.