Dealing with canine cystitis

A young bitch puppy can suffer from canine cystitis in much the same way that women can. There are few symptoms to watch out for with young bitches, and when eventually recognised a visit to a local vet is vital to bring about some relief to your suffering dog.

Cystitis is an infection in the urinary tract and young female puppies are usually the ones that catch this painful condition. Dog owners and vets themselves are often confused as to whether the stones are the first to appear in the bladder, or bacteria are the first to form in the bladder walls.

It is at this point that we should mention pet insurance for dogs is an essential responsibility in the bigger picture of a dog’s healthcare so that any medical bills are catered for. Taking out pet insurance for a puppy is a cost effective way of helping with any unwanted medical bills.

Home healthcare for a new ‘bitch’ puppy, as a preventative measure, can take the following forms:

1. Make sure you have a large bowl of clean fresh water available day and night for your dog.

2. Allow your pet out to relieve herself as many times as you can during the day, and late evening.

3. Take time to read the ingredients of your puppy’s dog biscuits and change them to ones that state that there are no added preservatives and that they are low in salt.

4. Take your pet out for a daily walk and give them all the prescribed medication to your puppy to avoid the infection returning as quickly as it went.

Doggie owner tip: ask your vet about natural herbal remedies that will continue to help prevent this painful infection.


  • Cystitis is an inflammatory condition as are all “itis” not necessarily caused by infection,therefore does not require antibiotic treatment. If bacteria is present then it is known as urinary tract infection.

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