Death defying dog display team

You’ve heard of death defying display teams who perform stunts such as jumping over vats of acid, shark infested tanks or through flaming hoops? Well have you heard of dogs doing these dangerous stunts?

They do, and they’re the Essex Dog Display Team. They’re renowned in the business of dogutainment. The dogs perform a variety of death defying stunts not for faint hearted, including leaping through flaming hoops, while carrying dumbbells that are also on fire, striding across a 100ft long ramp!

It’s not all fun and games for the display team mind you, a display team that has been performing tricks and entertaining crowds since 1983. The team, based in Brentwood, also helps to train police dogs to perform their duties.

Be warned though that jumping through a flaming hoop is for trained display dogs only, so don’t expect your pedigree dog to have a go in the garden!