Dementia sufferers get surprise visit from dogs

Members of a club which caters for dementia sufferers in the market town of Devizes have been welcoming two new four-legged visitors recently.

To improve the moods of members at the club, Jo Blake from the Dogs Trust brought the pair of Greyhounds to meet members last week. Mo and Henry are two very special dogs who have a great connection with humans. Their arrival was much appreciated, but this was not the first time the members had been face-to-face with Greyhounds.

The manager of club, Grant Newton, is the proud owner of two Greyhounds named Monty and Dave. The dogs regularly accompany Mr Newton to work because he understands how beneficial dogs can be in a person’s life. Speaking about the bond between the dogs and members, Grant said:

“Pets are can be so therapeutic and connection to animals often stimulates fond memories and emotions.”

The visit from the Dogs Trust pooches was not only a pleasant experience for the members but also for the dogs, who crave love and affection. Ms Blake spoke of the experience saying:

“To see people’s faces light up when they come into the room with me always highlights for me what a huge difference dogs make as companions throughout many people’s lives.”

The club not only allows dogs to visit, people are also welcome for a chat. Anyone who is interested in meeting with the members can contact Grant on: (01380) 739055. More can be learnt about Dogs Trust at the official website: