Devoted dog stands by owner for 24-hours in muddy bog

A Hampshire pensioner had her pet canine to thank for providing warmth and companionship after she slipped into a bog during a routine afternoon walk.

The 82-year-old woman, who has not been named, left her home on the afternoon of Tuesday, October 16, for a short stroll with her sheepdog. The pensioner was reported missing at 3:30 pm the following day when she did not attend a hairdressers’ appointment that she had booked.

A search conducted by the Hampshire Constabulary commenced immediately after the news of her disappearance broke and the first location they visited was Pelham Woods, where the woman was said to have been walking with Monty. However, after almost three hours, the team struggled to find the elderly woman and the search continued. Police continued patrolling the ground and officers searched from above with the use of a helicopter, when they spotted the woman near the A3055 Undercliff Drive in a mud-filled ditch.

An estimated 15 fire fighters tended to the woman and spent just over 90 minutes rescuing her. She was believed to be suffering from hypothermia after the ordeal. Despite this, she was transported to St Mary’s Hospital in the Newport area. What was most surprising about this tribulation was the fact that Monty remained by his owners side the entire time. This loyalty proved to actually help the OAP, due to his thick coat and body heat providing a stable temperature for the woman during the night.

Darren Toogood, a photographer at the scene, said:

“Monty stayed by her side, providing some heat during the 24 hours.”

The dog was returned to family owners on the evening of the rescue.