Disney World Florida to open hotel for dogs

As Disney has already released the film ‘Hotel for Dogs’, it’s perhaps no surprise that Disney is now launching a real hotel for dogs at its flagship theme park in Florida. Disney is to open a new dogs (and cats) hotel in Florida’s Walt Disney World Resort. The new hotel will be called the Best Friends Pet Care Resort.

The hotel is set to open on 27th August, and will allow dog and cat owners to bring their pets with them to theme park, and have them stay in the pet hotel while they attend the theme park. The hotel has been described by Disney bosses as a luxury resort for pets, and both dogs and cats will receive the full ‘pamper’ treatment while they stay, including having bedtime stories read to them.

The new hotel for dogs covers 50,000 sq ft of land, and has both indoor and outdoor facilities. Dog owners can even visit their pets at the hotel if they’re feeling too upset at the prospect of being without them during their holiday.

If your dog is the best dog in the world, and you want the very best for them, you can even opt for a VIP room which features a raised bed, their own private garden and a TV. The new dog hotel offers accommodation for 270 dogs, and for 30 cats in the ‘Kitty City’ – presumably the Kitty City is far enough away from the dog hotel that incidents won’t occur.

The CEO for Disney’s Best Friends Pet Care commented:

“We’ve taken the ‘best of breed’ in every category to create the perfect environment for pets.

Our goal is to ensure that pets staying with us have a fun, action-packed vacation -– just like their families vacationing at Walt Disney World.”

Of course, while this dog hotel is ideal for Americans wanting to take their dogs to Disney World with them, it won’t work for UK families. While your dog may enjoy a trip the US and a stay in a VIP hotel, he won’t enjoy the six months he has to wait in quarantine upon his return to the UK.


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