Disney’s Beverly Hills Chihuahua

It’s been a while since Disney have made a decent movie about dogs, as ‘Lady and the Tramp’ and ‘101 Dalmatians’ were quite some time ago now. Dog lovers need not worry though because the Disney magic is going to the dogs once again, this time to chihuahuas. Beverly Hills Chihuahua was released on Friday in the US and features Paris Hilton’s favourite accessory, chihuahuas.

The reason Disney has made so many doggie related films is simple, their founder and grand master, Walt Disney, was a dog lover himself.

Leonard Maltin, a self confessed Disney expert, states:

Walt Disney was a dog lover, and he was his audience. He didn’t need focus groups. Since he liked dogs, other people must, too.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua is about a chihuahua named Chloe who gets lost somewhere in Mexico and has to find her way back to her owners. Chloe is voiced by actress Drew Barrymore.

Director Raja Gosnell says he’s not surprised that people enjoy the film as the trailer was a big hit during the summer.

The trailer did its job, it got them talking. The script was great. It is respectful to Latin culture. We always had positive reactions at screenings.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua is live action and features an animation assisted chihuahua much in the same vain as Babe, but decidedly more high-tech.


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