Does a dog need toys?

It can seem rather indulgent to buy your dog a number of toys. After all, he does not know what the toys are or understand the concept of presents, so the question could be asked of whether dog toys are just appealing to the human owners. Not so, however, as dogs get a lot of benefits from their toys. Dog toys can alleviate the boredom of a puppy that may get up to mischief if he is not entertained. They can also help with exercise and separation anxiety when your dog is left to his own devices.

Remember to keep an eye on the toys, as they will no doubt be treated rather roughly by your pet and you need to take care that the toys do not become a danger to your dog if they have been ripped apart or there are a lot of loose small parts. Examine the toys and replace them frequently if they are too dirty and cannot be cleaned or they are showing signs of excessive wear and tear.

For those that can be salvaged and will live to see another day of playing tug or fetch, make sure that you keep these toys clean in order to keep your pet safe. Rubber toys can build up with grime and these should be hand washed or put in the washing machine as with soft toys. Of course, some toys may not survive the washing machine but if they are not sturdy enough to survive a good wash, they are probably not sturdy enough for your beloved pet to be playing with either.