Dog adopts wolf

dog_and_wolfA rottweiler has adopted his young pal, an eight week old wolf, since she was rejected by her parents at only a few days old.

Pictured here sharing a stick is the eighteen month old Rottweiler Ulrok and his companion Beldaran, a young female wolf.

Heather Grierson is the director at the Kisama Preserve in Maine, America, where the pair are living.  Ms Grierson said:

‘It’s a true love story that has touched the hearts of everyone who visits.  You just can’t be in a bad mood when these two are around.’

Ulrok has been playing the protective father role for Beldaran for the last two months since she was rejected only days after she was born.

Ms Grierson added: ‘Ulrok stepped up. It worked out brilliantly. He would clean her and, when she was making whimpering noises he would bound over to investigate.’