Dog alerts neighbour to owner’s death

A man was found dead in his home in Stoke on Trent after his dog alerted neighbours to his condition by barking and jumping up at the window. Gregory White was just forty-four when he was found in his home by police, who had to break into his house.

His sixty-six-year-old neighbour, Doreene Bloor, stated:

The last time I saw him was on February 28. Sometimes he would go away for a few days so I thought nothing of it.

But by Wednesday, I noticed there were no lights or TV on and I could see his dog jumping up at the window.

I thought he had gone away and got someone to feed the dog, but by Friday I was getting worried and I put tape across the door to see if anyone went in.

The dog who alerted neighbours to his owner’s death was taken by the RSPCA, and is now waiting to be rehomed.

An RSPCA spokesman said:

We attended the property and took the dog, a female terrier cross, to the City Dogs’ Home at the request of the police. Her health was OK and the animal collection office said she had a good nature.

If any next-of-kin wants to take her they can, otherwise she will need someone to give her a new home.

If anyone would like to give Mr White’s dog a new home, they should contact the RSPCA.