Dog allergy boy cured by dog

A new drug derived from dog hair has helped a boy suffering with a dog allergy to overcome his affliction so that he can now be around dogs. 11 year old Danny Pearce suffered from a rare allergy to dogs that meant he blacked out whenever he was near a dog. The allergy was deadly, and was discovered in Danny when he just three years old.

Now that Danny is 11, he has finally been cured of his allergy thanks to the drug – developed with the use of dog hair. Danny has managed to build up an immunity to his affliction with the aid of the new drug, so that he can stroke a dog without fear of his life.

Danny commented:

I’ve always loved dogs but I couldn’t touch them. The treatment has changed all that – it feels brilliant.

I’m now allowed to touch dogs, and I stroked about 10 over the weekend. I kept going round to friends’ houses stroking their dogs. It is my wish come true.

Jonathan, Danny’s father, discovered his son’s terrible condition when he brought home a puppy as a pet one day when Danny was three years old:

Danny’s nose came into contact with the dog’s cheek. He collapsed and became unconscious. His eyes were swollen, closed like a boxer after 15 rounds.

He would even get swollen eyes sitting on the same chair that a dog owner had recently sat on. Things we took for granted like a walk in the park were impossible as at that time contact with dogs could have proved fatal. The school asked parents not to walk their dogs to the gates.

Danny is from Tradegar in South Wales and he is the first person in Britain to benefit from the new wonder drug. After being treated with the drug, Danny has now taken Bailey (his neighbour’s dog) for a walk for the first time.