Dog and duck duo are the best of friends

When Fifty Pence the duck was rescued by Annette Pyrah from a ravenous fox, little did she know that she would become best friends with a terrier.

The mischievous duck was just one day old when Annette took her into her care and, in the days growing up at the animal rescue centre run by Pyrah, Fifty Pence was constantly in the company of dogs. One dog, named Skip, knitted an especially close bond with her and there is now an inseparable friendship between the canine and quacker.

Many hobbies are enjoyed by the duo, including football. Despite Fifty Pence being a duck amid numerous dogs in the animal rescue centre, the well-trained canines are able to play in the duck’s company safely. Various other species of animals are kept at the North Yorkshire-based animal rescue centre and this helps the canines to react calmly when Fifty Pence joins in with the activities.

Although Fifty Pence and Skip enjoy one another’s company greatly, things could soon be about to change. No longer will Fifty Pence playfully peck at Skip’s ears, because the duck pond in the animal centre will soon be home to wild ducks. Pyrah hopes that this change will enable Fifty Pence to start a family of her own, although this is sure to affect the dogs.
Speaking about Fifty Pence, Pyrah said:

“She thinks she is a dog and when she leaves, the dogs and I will be sad to see her go.”