Dog and owner reunited through Twitter

Aside from it being a useful tool for following worldwide trends and staying up-to-date with friends and celebrities, Twitter is proving to be great for campaigns as well. A campaign was recently set up on Twitter after Deirdre Anglin from Kilcock lost her pet dog, Patch.

Patch is a Jack Russell terrier and he became absent from his home in County Kildare early one July morning. Deirdre’s fears began to grow as she realized that it was morning rush-hour when he went missing, which could have caused many dangers for the dog. However, Irish Rail turned to Twitter in a bid to find the owner of Patch after he jumped onto the early morning service train. The train was traveling from the local area of Kilcock, towards Dublin.

‘Lost Dog!’ was the caption accompanying a photo of the Jack Russell terrier on Twitter and, thanks to the ‘re-tweet’ feature on the social networking site, hundreds of people passed the message on until 30 minutes later, it appeared on Deirdre’s Twitter page. Ms. Anglin jumped with joy at the sight of her companion and promptly sent a reply to Irish Rail’s Twitter page saying ‘That’s my dog!’

Upon hearing the news, Patch’s owner swiftly journeyed to her local train station to be reunited with her pooch. Patch was very happy to see her but it seemed that his friendly charm rubbed off on staff members at Irish Rail, as the spokesman Barry Kenny said:

“The staff in the office were getting quite attached to him.”