Dog bites Ant McPartlin

No, we haven’t spelt Dec incorrectly – he didn’t bite his long time partner Ant, it was a performing dog from Cardiff. The dog was auditioning for the new series of Britain’s Got Talent, hosted by Ant & Dec and judged by Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan.

The Britain’s Got Talent auditions were in Cardiff when a performing dog danced on the stage for the judges. After the dog left the stage, Ant tried to ‘pet’ it – whereupon the dog took a bite out of Ant’s hand.

Auf Wiedersehen Pet!

To make matters worse for Ant, after the dog attacked him it followed his co-host, Declan Donnelly, backstage, whom it had taken a shine to.

Ant had a horrid time in Wales, as he was also chased by a pig and shouted at by an unsuccessful contestant in the talent show – that was won last year by dance troupe Diversity.

ant and dec

Britain’s Got Talent is back on TV tomorrow night, where we will see Ant and his horrid time in Cardiff.

According to a show insider:

Ant always likes to get up close to the animal acts. He bent down to pat the dog, which promptly went for him.

But Dec had the opposite effect. The dog wouldn’t leave him alone and followed him about backstage.

Ant himself admitted that his time in Wales wasn’t one of his favourite parts of the series:

My lowlight was in Cardiff. On the same day I was bitten by a dog, chased by a pig and shouted at by a contestant.

Simon Cowell, the show’s creator and all round smug personage, commented on how he wants a dog act to win the series. He could be in luck too, as this fourth series of Britain’s Got Talent features 10 dog acts, including talking dogs, dancing dogs and football playing dogs.

Amanda Holden commented that the best dog ever seen in the competition is in this year’s show, so we’ll wait and see what dog that could be.


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