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Nov 10
Two dogs suffer bee attacks

Two dogs were hospitalised in San Diego after suffering an attack from swarms of bees…

Jun 06
Woman thanks anonymous good Samaritan for carrying her dog

A woman has thanked a ‘Good Samaritan’ who helped her dog by carrying the pampered…

Feb 15
Dalmatian Breed Profile

Instantly recognisable owing to its spotted coat, the Dalmatian is a sleek, muscular…

Nov 19
Britain’s fattest Dalmatian at 11 stone

Yesterday, dog owner John Green was in court for turning his dog into Britain’s…

May 22
Dalmation or Dalmatian?

For anyone who considers themselves a bit of a fan of quizzes or of dog breeds, they…

Feb 23
Dog riding a bicycle

If you like videos of dogs doing clever tricks, you’ll love the latest video that’s…