Dog catches illegal immigrants entering UK

A sniffer dog named Sam has managed to thwart the efforts of six immigrants trying to gain entry into the UK, locating them hiding inside a Polish lorry ready to cross the English Channel at Dunkirk. The UK Border Agency reports that the lorry was about to leave France, destined for Bradford, in the UK, and was laden with a cargo of crisps. Sam, the sniffer dog, alerted officials to the presence of the immigrants hiding in the lorry before it left for the UK however.

Among the immigrants hiding in the lorry were two men from Iraq, two Vietnamese and three men from Iran. The authorities removed the men, where they were held in custody in France, before the lorry was able to embark on its trip to Bradford.

Brodie Clark is the head of the Border Force for the UK and he commented that officers are at work in Calais twenty-four hours a day on the lookout for people attempting to illegally enter the country. Sniffer dogs play an important part in stopping immigrants from entering the country, and are able to locate people who otherwise have slipped through.

The driver of the lorry, as well as the haulage firm involved, could face heavy fines unless they can prove that they took the required security steps to ensure that the load could not have been tampered with. If they cannot prove they took the steps required they could be fined for every immigrant located by the sniffer dog.