Dog charities benefit from fresh funding

Several dog charities have gotten the New Year off to a flying start after receiving a much needed boost in funds.

For starters, Berkshire Search and Rescue Dogs received a gift of £1,000 from Wokingham based Christie Digital Systems. The charity works alongside the Police, search and rescue teams and other emergency services in looking for missing people.

Spokesperson for the charity Catherine Marchesi expressed her gratitude for the gift, and said:

“We were delighted we were able to use the donation for this full day of training as often we are first on the scene and the skills we learnt are vital.”

Another charity to benefit from funding is Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, which received a grant from Northumberland County Council to assist it in expanding its services in the area. Launched in 1982, it trains dogs to alert their owners to sounds which many take for granted, such as the doorbell, smoke alarm or telephone.

The £2,000 will go towards establishing a new unit in the county to identify puppies and young dogs that have potential to become fully fledged hearing dogs.

Lastly, a rescue centre for dogs was gifted a donation of £5,000 to fund a neutering programme

Babbington Rescue received the cheque from Pets at Home, the national pet store chain that supplies products such as dog beds, toys and dog food. The money will go towards ensuring that all Staffordshire Bull Terriers – the breed most commonly rescued and cared for by the charity – are spayed and neutered. Not only does this reduce the number of unwanted pups, but means that the chances of finding new homes for the dogs are greatly increased.

Antony Sanderson, the manager of Babbington Rescue, said:

“We would like to thank Pets at Home for helping to fund our neutering programme.”


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