Dog Christmas menu launched by Dog’s Trust

Christmas PuddingMuch though our dogs may love the smell of our human food at Christmas, feeding your dog the same food as you eat at Christmas can cause serious health issues, as the Dogs Trust has reminded dog owners this Christmas.

The Dogs Trust has launched its new Doggy Christmas Menu to help raise awareness of problems that arise every festive period; the menu includes a list of foods that are safe for dogs to eat and has been approved by vets.

Veterinary director at the Dogs Trust, Chris Laurence, said that every year he would see dogs poisoned or even die from eating human foods like mince pies, cheese, Christmas pudding, grapes, alcohol and turkey bones.  He said:

“As a vet I have seen some terrible examples of dog poisoning over the Christmas period.  In many cases the owner was totally unaware of the hidden dangers and was simply intending to be kind.”

The Dogs Trust is hoping that their new menu will raise awareness and reduce the number of incidents such as these.  The menu includes dog-friendly meals such as doggy mince pies and mutt nog.

TV actor Jeremy Edwards and his dog Molly have been helping the Dog’s Trust to raise awareness.  Jeremy said:

“Molly has certainly given her paw of approval to this risk-free Christmas treat.  Despite being a fussy eater, she particularly adored the doggy mince pies – she devoured them in 30 seconds flat.”

This year, make sure your dog only eats doggie-friendly foods and dog versions of items like mince pies, which can be bought from most good pet stores, and make sure you don’t have to use your dog insurance this festive period.

More details are available on the Dogs Trust website.