Dog deals with vuvuzela

If like me you’ve been watching the World Cup over the last few weeks, you can’t fail but to have noticed the annoying sound that dominates matches. No, not the dulcet tones of Andy Townsend, the vuvuzela. The vuvuzela is apparently a traditional Latin instrument, and is often used in Brazil, although it only seems to be able to play one note – at least when in the hands of fifty thousand football fans.

As annoying as the vuvuzela is; it’s also a great marketing ploy on behalf of the South Africans because millions of the things have been sold, and many have made their way over here to the UK.

However, one thing you shouldn’t do with a vuvuzela is attempt to annoy your dog – as the monotone sound of the vuvuzela can, and probably will, illicit the sort of response that will have you wishing you’d never heard the word ‘vuvuzela’.

Watch this video to see what happens when a dog is confronted with a vuvuzela, and how he deals with it in his own, inimitable fashion.