Dog delivery for your Christmas trees

If you’re looking for a way to inject some much needed festive spirit into your Christmas this year then look no further, how about having your Christmas tree delivered to you by a pack of huge, friendly dogs?

This is what people who purchase their Christmas trees from a visitor centre in North Yorkshire can expect when their tree is delivered to them.

The dogs are known as Newfoundland dogs and they can each weigh up to around 12 stone. The dogs have been hired by the Forestry Commission in Dalby Forest, near Pickering, in order to help customers who are struggling to transport their trees to cars.

This service will hopefully raise lots of money for the charities through kind donations from customers for each of the trees they carry.

Newfoundlands are actually web-footed and can swim by using their own canine equivalent of the breaststroke. They are usually used as rescue dogs in the water and one of this breed was actually credited for helping save Napoleon in 1815, after he had fallen overboard whilst trying to escape from Elba.

The charities that the dogs will be helping to raise money for this Christmas are the Yorkshire Air Ambulance and Scarborough and Ryedale Mountain Rescue.

Forestry Commission recreation manager, Katie Thorn, added:

“It’s a fantastic crowd-pleasing way to buy a tree and have the dogs tow it back to the car in a cart. Real trees use 10 times fewer materials to produce and five times less energy than artificial trees so it’s a good way of being kind to the planet.”