Dog eats owners money, and then nature took its course

Every dog owner has had the problem of their dog eating something of theirs, but it’s usually slippers or the newspaper. Imagine if your dog got hold of your cash, money you’d worked extra shifts for, and eaten that!

That’s exactly what happened to a woman in North Carolina, USA. She’d worked longer hours to save up some money, but made the mistake of leaving it in her bedroom, where her Swiss mountain dog was feeling hungry. The dog, Augie, found the $400 and ate every last cent of it!

His owner, Kelley Davis, realised her dog had eaten her money she took him for a walk and noticed parts of dollar bills being recognisable when he did his business. Many people would have written the money off, but not Kelley Davies. She collected the parts of her dollar bills and took them home. She’s now keeping a close eye (but not a nose) on Augie until the rest of her cash emerges, so she can stick the notes back together.

The expression ‘dirty money’ was invented for situations like this.