Dog eats owner’s toe and saves his life

KikoWhen a dog takes to biting off toes from its owner’s foot, you would normally expect the canine to be put down as being a dangerous dog. However, when Jack Russell Kiko, owned by Jerry Douthett from Michigan in the USA, took it upon himself to bite his owner’s toe clean off, he was hailed as a hero by his owner instead of being chastised.

Kiko’s owner, Jerry, had a very serious infection at the time – one that could have become fatal. Jerry had Type 2 diabetes, but it was undiagnosed and it was centred in his big toe. The reason Jerry’s diabetes hadn’t been diagnosed was because he foolishly tried to conceal the infection from family and friends, and even his wife didn’t know about it. Kiko, the dog, knew though – and Kiko knew just what to do.

One evening Jerry’s blood sugar level was reaching dangerous levels, at around 560. The normal level someone is around 80-120. With the pain becoming too much to bear, Jerry got himself blind drunk (rather than calling for an ambulance) and then passed out cold. This is when doctor Kiko leapt into action, setting about the infected toe and surgically removing it with his teeth.

Jerry’s wife Rosee explained the moment when her husband awoke to realise that his surgery at the paws of the dog had been successful.

“Jerry had had all these margaritas, so I just let him sleep. But then I heard these screams coming from the bedroom, and he was yelling, ‘My toe’s gone, my toe’s gone!’”

When Jerry woke up he found the dog sat next to him, having removed his toe, and the room covered in blood. Jerry was immediately taken to hospital, where it was found that the dog had saved his life. The rest of his toe needed to be removed, although comments from Jerry asking if the toe could be bagged up for his dog were laughed off.



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