Dog eats tickets for dog trainer show!

dog eats tickets for dog show‘The dog ate it’ is a well known excuse for a great many things, usually offered by schoolboys as to the reason they haven’t completed their homework. However, sometimes the dog actually has eaten it, and when the ‘it’ in question is a pair of tickets to a dog training show, you have to wonder about the real intelligence of some dogs.

Mike and Morag Evans, a couple from East Lothian, in Scotland, had purchased tickets for a show in Nottingham from Cesar Millan; his ‘Dog Whisperer’ tour. The show covers many aspects of dog training, something that the couple’s dog ‘Islay’ wasn’t too keen on experiencing.

The dog whisperer tickets cost £40, but that didn’t stop the couple’s Labrador from setting about them in a blatant attempt to avoid the show altogether. Mike was concerned that because the tickets had been badly chewed up, including damage to the barcode, that they would be refused entry. Something which didn’t seem to concern Islay.

When Mike contacted the Nottingham Arena they refused to issue new tickets because the original tickets had been purchased online. Thankfully the booking agent was more understanding, and has reissued the tickets so that Islay can be taught valuable things such as how not to chew up the post.

Don’t think was just an example of a dog chewing post at random and luckily getting tickets for a dog training show either, as Islay had never chewed the post before – she just ‘knew’ that this particular piece of post was something that she didn’t want getting through.

As Mike explained:

She has never touched the mail before. It is the ultimate irony, we don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

We’re both big fans of the TV show.

Cesar Millan’s Dog Whisperer show is at the Nottingham Arena on March 10th.


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