Dog ensures his abuser is refused parole

louis vittonWe at Dream Dogs believe the laws regarded abusing dogs are far too lenient the world over – with custodial sentences very rarely handed out and dog abusers very rarely even being given lifetime bans from owning dogs again. However, one dog abuser in Alabama in the USA has received a sentence worthy of his crime, and his victim (a pitbull nicknamed Louis Vuitton) helped to ensure he stays behind bars.

Juan Daniels was convicted of abusing a dog in 2009. He beat the dog, and even set fire to it. For his crimes he was given a custodial sentence, but alarmingly was up for parole last week. Juan Daniels stood before the ‘Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles’ and could have been released early – had it not been for the star witness, the dog itself.

Louis Vuitton entered the parole hearing, looking much better than he did directly after his ordeal, and acted as a witness against his abuser. After his shock appearance, Juan Daniels was refused parole and was told he would not be eligible again until July 2012.

Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton

The pitbull was nicknamed Louis Vuitton after another dog that had been abused in Alabama, named Gucci. Gucci’s ordeal led to the US state toughening its laws on animal cruelty, and this parole hearing drew a lot of attention from animal rights advocates.