Dog fetches live hand grenade

Most dog owners like to teach their dogs to play fetch, but how would you feel to discover that the chewed object brought to you by your dog is actually a live hand grenade?

That’s exactly what happened to one 40 year old dog owner in Germany earlier this week when this dog brought back a U.S. hand grenade from the Second World War.

The owner from Berlin was out walking her dog near a stream in the Neander Valley and called the police when she realised the ‘rusty’ looking object was actually a weapon.  The dog obediently put the object back close to the stream when instructed by its owner and a munitions expert was called who identified the onject as an old live World War II hand grenade and defused it.

Grenades and old bombs are still often found in Germany and it has been known for full streets to be evacuated whilst they are defused.