Dog grooming tips for your pet’s quality health care

shampoo a dogMost owners of dogs take their dogs to a professional dog groomer. A good healthcare routine is a way of getting to know a puppy or dog, and a healthcare check on a regular basis keeps your dog in good health.

Grooming your pet is a great way to have a bonding experience with your dog; your pet will feel good, similar to how a human feels after just having a spa treatment or having their hair cut and blow dried.

Certain health checks carried out can take few minutes; for instance, keeping a dog’s ears clean is easily done. Check once a week to see if your dogs’ ears are dirty, if they are, remove the dirt with a cotton bud (do not enter the inner canal of the ear). You should dip cotton buds in warm water and remove grit or excess fluid. However, if the skin is red take your pet to the vets for a supply of ointment.

A dog’s nails grow quickly; if they are allowed to get too long they will hurt the pads of their feet. Check them while checking your dog’s ears and ask either a dog groomer or vet to cut them to the required length.

Dog tip: You may want to avoid cutting your dog’s nails yourself; cutting them too short can be a painful experience for your dog.

Dry dog food and dental chews are an ideal way to keep a dog’s teeth in good order, however it is better to clean your dog’s teeth regularly with the a dog toothbrush and toothpaste to avoid excessive plaque, this treatment can be carried out by a vet once a year if you prefer.

When bathing your dog put a towel or a non-slip mat into the bottom of the shower cubicle or bath to stop him from slipping.

The water should be lukewarm and apply a small amount of dog shampoo. Work the lather down the body, around the face, taking great care not to allow soap to get into his eyes.

The use of a mobile shower spray in a bath is ideal, make sure your soak your dog’s coat and remove all traces of shampoo. Shampoo that is left in the coat can cause skin irritation.

Blow dry your pet’s hair with a hairdryer set on a warm flow of air, a hot flow of air can burn your pet’s skin.